What is the reach when advertising across multiple digital screens? How do you calculate digital reach and brand impact from moving TV dollars to digital video? These are common questions from clients and agencies; and while there are tools out there to calculate the reach of TV advertising, there have been none to date measuring the reach of multi-screen video advertising. Because of this, we embarked on a research study with Nielsen to find the impact of reach when mixing TV and digital video, and to measure the brand metrics across these multi-screen mixes. What we came up with is the industry’s first multi-screen Reach Calculator that computes unduplicated reach across TV, online, smartphone, tablet, and connected TV.

Through surveys and a live media lab, we collected a data base of device ownership and multi-screen usage, and powered with Nielsen models, created the YuMe Reach Calculator. Media planners can use this tool to estimate incremental reach across all screens when shifting a small percentage of their TV budgets to different screens. For example, with a $5M budget, by simply shifting 10% of your TV budget to an allocation of 3% online, 3% mobile, 2% tablet and 2% OTT, your advertising campaign’s reach increases by 27%. By extending their digital video campaign mix, TV brand advertisers can gain new audiences simply by finding them on different devices.

Extended reach is great, but what about my brand metrics? With the average US household owning 4.4 devices and 87% of consumers using a connected device while watching TV, it’s no wonder that TV advertisers are having a hard time getting through to these technology-fragmented and distracted audiences. In the second portion of our study, we measured the impact of multi-screen exposure on brand metrics. The research has shown that the biggest incremental gains in brand recall, consideration and recommendation is through three or more screen exposure. We found that exposure on all four screens resulted in an impressive 50% uplift in brand impact! The more screens, the more triggers for ad and brand recall. So not only does shifting more increase your ad reach, but shifting to multiple screens has also shown to improve your brand results. So start getting your shift together!

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Source: http://adage.com/article/digital/multi-screen-reach-calculator-estimates-impact-good-bad-shifting-dollars-digital/293736/?utm_source=Digital&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+AdvertisingAge/Digital

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