It’s not often chief scientists with multiple engineering degrees work with tools like wood or flashlights, but Kevin Haley makes a point of problem solving in all walks of life, at work and at his home in Austin, Texas. So, when a mischievous raccoon invading the attic was keeping his daughter up at night, Mr. Haley, chief scientist at TV and video ad platform Videology used the bothersome situation as an excuse to devise a contraption to ensure the varmint kept his distance.

“This raccoon was outsmarting me and it was driving me crazy,” said Mr. Haley.

So, the next time Rocky attempted to enter the attic, he found himself sliding down a ramp, part of a Rube Goldberg-like setup contrived by Mr. Haley (pictured above). The raccoon proceeded to knock over a mirror aimed at a flashlight which triggered a sensor and in turn set off an alarm, alerting Mr. Haley to the creature’s return. He waited for the raccoon to leave, then ran out to secure the entrance so he couldn’t get back in.

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