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11 Mind Blowing Social Web Facts

It is pretty hard to grasp some of these amazing statistics. Social media is here to stay. Do you have a social media strategy?

11 Social Web Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

1. In 2010, 107 trillion emails were sent on the Internet.

2. At the current rate 36 billion photos will be uploaded to Facebook each year.

3. Each day 2 billion videos are watched on YouTube.

4. Each month 30 billion pieces of content (links, notes, photos, etc.) are shared on Facebook.

5. In 2010, users sent 25 billion tweets.

6. Worldwide there are 1.97 billion Internet users.

7. At the end of 2010, there were 88.8 million – .COM domain names registered.

8. As of December 2010, there were 255 million websites.

9. Worldwide, there are 2.9 billion email accounts.

10. The average Internet user watched 186 online videos per month (USA).

11. Every minute 35 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.



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Define Your Social Media Strategy

Buzz Mouth has a social media platform that revolutionizes social media management and execution. Beyond that, we have perfected our ways to build a custom social media strategy for each client, whether we manage on an ongoing basis or just launch our client’s social media strategy, we have pushed professional Social Media Management to the next level.

Social media does more than just publicize events, market products and drive traffic for our corporate, political and personalities. What social media does is to define the perception of companies, politicians and personalities we work with, therefore, defining their brand and most likely their success. By taking the culture, vision and personality of a company or person as a launching point for each piece of content and define the brand and the messaging platform around those variables.

Now imagine if you could know your objectives for each piece of social media and measure all its successes or failures.

Imagine defining your message so that whether people talked about your company they have built in auditory anchors, visual cues and developed experiential synapses.

Imagine listening to the social networks and media to learn about the perception of your product. As great brands know they cannot position themselves, just identify their perception.

Imagine aligning your strategy with your tactics so that everything you do is congruent with your brand, message and culture.

Lastly, imagine if you knew exactly how much time it would take to execute and how many resources. Then, add a fully automated platform for complete social media management at your fingertips.

That is who Buzz Mouth is. If you are not able to explain any of these with passion and focus, let Buzz Mouth help you figure it out, it will pay off, guaranteed. Here are a few things to think about.

  • Know your CULTURE
  • Share your VISION
  • Create a PERSONALITY
  • Define your BRAND
  • LISTEN to everyone
  • Create parameters around your MESSAGING
  • Know your OBJECTIVES
  • What to MEASURE
  • Get creative with your STRATEGY
  • Know best practices and TACTICS
  • How much TIME is it going to take
  • How many RESOURCES

The structure of our Social Media Strategy leads our clients to complete social media management and leadership within their fields. Buzz Mouth amplifies and accelerates our clients word of mouth and social buzz marketing.

To learn more contact us at


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iPhone Buzz Can it Do Everything

Just talk to anyone or listen to a conversation amongst others the word of mouth and buzz on the streets these days about the iPhone.

The iPhone is on its way to replace every product with a service attached to it. Could the iPhone be everything? Could the iPhone do everything? Could the iPhone have everything?

Imagine having access to army’s of cars through the iPhone, with Zipcar you do. Imagine a credit card terminal on every iPhone, of yeah, it is there already too. What about snail mail, yep, with Earth Class Mail, all your mail can be delivered to your iPhone. Do you need to buy a scanner, no, their is a business card scanner, document scanner and everything else. Hmmm, what if it could secure my home, yes this is there to linking your security system, lights and everything else to the iPhone. What about TV? Hulu and/or Slingbox have taken my TV mobile. Books, well there is iPad, Kindle and 100′s of other. Radio? Pandora and access to every digital radio channel is a nice touch. I always wanted one of those Conference Phones, yet iPhone is that too. So what is it not?

So here are some ideas for Steve Jobs for the next generation of iPhone, numbers 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. If Apple needs help working through these, I am always open to work for just a few companies, Apple is one of them.

In the near future, I see a projector (like the Microvision Pico Projector), inserted into the end of the phone, lighting up the wall for a presentation or a movie while camping. I blow people away in presentation using my Projector attached to a Keynote on my iPhone. I see the iPhone becoming a wallet – cash or credit, anywhere or anytime. I see it being our identification or a smart card. A complete resource from insurance to medical history. How handy would this all be? Most of it is here already. I see healthcare applications from life saving health scanners and attachments that bring medical diagnostics and devices together. I see the iPhone replacing all my keys, so with my phone I can access my car, home, office, vacation cottage, hotel room. Imagine never checking in or out of a hotel? Just iPhone it.

Soon the iPhone will be a complete life recorder, videoing and recording every action. No more arguments on what was said, just playback. I see services like iPhone Black (a mockery of AMEX Black) creating high level concierge and access to online Personal Assistants available to the masses. Everything is a click away. Amazon would love it. Google loves it already. Apple does too, since they are now the largest technology company in the world. With a huge energy dilemma, the iPhone could use some alternative energy sources with kinetic and solar powered batteries. This could be huge as it replaces almost every electronics device in a house, except the kitchen appliances. I do not see it as a toaster in the future, yet this is where I bump into my creativity with what the potentially the iPhone could do. Already there are laser keyboards and speech applications that advance the capabilities far beyond the best technologist dreams just 5 years ago, yet the amount of applications we will see in the future, will continue to advance life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in my mind. I can now, be anywhere in the world, with access to everything in my world. I was on a beach in remote part of the Philippines transferring bank funds, playing video games and emailing clients.

In the future, I can see total inventory management with rfid tags and iPhone scanning everything we own and categorizing everything in our life. Ordering new stuff when things wear down and complete management of everything we could think of. I could imagine an application that records all the mileage, we walk, drive, run, commute, ride a bike and even calculate our carbon output. Transferring dollars to become carbon neutral. Oh what a better world we have the potential to create. The further I think about the iPhone platform the more I am part of the revolutionary technology that is being created to help life become simpler and more stress-free. I can see my iPhone auto-suggesting services and applications based on my habits and goals that it records and on the semantics I speak or even think. I can imagine the iPhone improving my golf swing as much as it will some day manage every piece of maintenance in my life. As I can visualize it suggesting haircuts based on the time I had my last one to changing my air filter from an air quality analysis, or let me know it is time to get an oil change or suggest I get gas the night before an early morning meeting.

As you can see, I am an optimist. As of now, I can do just about anything for my company from my iPhone and the future has unlimited possibilities as we further use this mobile platform and others to help solve simple problems and the more complex. So sit back relax and let your iPhone think for you. Everything is coming together, right now.


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Increase Your Online Influence (Part 57 of 60)

David Siteman Garland Hello everyone, I’m David Siteman Garland, I’m the founder of The Rise to the Top, which is the number one non‐boring resource for building your business smarter, faster, cheaper at And the question today is on online influence. What is the best way to grow your reputation and build it? And […]


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Increase Your Online Influence (Part 60 of 60)

Brian Solis My name is Brian Solis, and I am the author of the new book, Engage: How to Build, Cultivate and Measure Success on the New Web. And then I’m also a blogger at And I’m here to answer how and entrepreneur can gain or raise influence in the next sixty days. So […]


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Increase Your Online Influence (Part 59 of 60)

Julien Smith Hi my name is Julien Smith, co‐author of best‐selling book, Trust Agents, and blogger at Probably the key to building your influence online is to take advantage of your existing benefits which you already have, that other people don’t. It’s the key to leverage, which is a big part of the book. […]


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Increase Your Online Influence (Part 54 of 60)

Aaron Kahlow This is Aaron Kahlow, the CEO of, best known for our online marketing education‐based summits. You can learn more about it at My one piece of advice for internet and marketing folks would simply be to think about social media not as its own strategy, but a strategy to enhance your […]


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