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Buzz Mouth is a Social Media Management …

Buzz Mouth is a Social Media Management platform and a Full Service Digital and Interactive Strategy company…


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Buzz Mouth Professional Social Media Management

Almost 92 % of products are researched online, before buyers decide to purchase a product. It’s become a must for every manufacturer, to push his products online, so that it affects his profit positively. The challenge is now to be on the top of the Google search list. Why is it that certain websites and certain products, make it to the top of every Google search list, where as some do not? And now with the advent of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, there’s a new buzz word everywhere – Social Media Marketing. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are no longer sites for the frivolous, they have now become powerful tools, through which companies market themselves. The new strategy is to now, set up a public profile, befriend hundreds of people and thus push your products or ideas. These social media managers have taken the tried and tested word of mouth publicity to dizzying heights. But does every social media tactic work? And what about overdoing the social media strategies? Social media strategy although very successful is to be only used as a means to achieve an end and not the other way round. You overdo it and you end up doing more harm for the company.

Buzz Mouth is a Social Media Management platform and a Full Service Digital and Interactive Strategy company. They are the pioneers in the field of Social Media Management, who with their effective social media tactics have helped hundreds of companies to market themselves online. Apart from the conventional social media sites, Buzz Mouth marketing strategies also include, assisting clients in their online presence through iPhone. They have worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies and celebrities and managed to successfully establish their clients on the social media world, by defining their strategies, brand their clients and also help them in content management.

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